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Filing Description Filing Type Filing Date Event Date  
Proxy DEF 14A 3/23/2017 4/26/2017
13-D SC 13G 2/15/2017
Registration Statement D 12/30/2016
Merger App Y-3 10/31/2016 10/28/2016
Abstract: Registrant filed an application with the FRB to seek approval to acquire Community Bancorp Inc.
Proxy DEF 14A 3/10/2016 4/27/2016
Proxy DEF 14A 3/10/2015 4/22/2015
Proxy DEF 14A 3/14/2014 4/23/2014
Proxy DEF 14A 3/16/2013 4/24/2013
Registration Statement S-8 POS 12/20/2012
Registration Statement S-8 POS 12/20/2012
10-Q 10-Q 11/14/2012 9/30/2012
Deregistration of Securities 15-12G 9/25/2012
Abstract: Registrant filed a certification of termination of registration of its common stock.
10-Q 10-Q/A 9/10/2012 6/30/2012
Abstract: Registrant filed amendment No. 1 to its Form 10-Q to furnish exhibits 101 to the Form 10-Q that provide certain items from its Form 10-Q formatted in XBRL.
8-K 8-K 9/5/2012 4/25/2012
Abstract: Registrant reported the results of its annual meeting of shareholders held April 25.
10-Q 10-Q 8/15/2012 6/30/2012
8-K 8-K 8/9/2012 8/1/2012
Abstract: On Aug. 1, registrant announced that it intends to file a Form 15 with the SEC to deregister its common stock.
8-K 8-K 6/18/2012 6/12/2012
Abstract: Registrant reported that on June 12, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago approved the appointment of Ronald Justice to be president and CEO; and James Distelrath to be CFO.
8-K 8-K 5/31/2012 5/24/2012
Abstract: Registrant reported the appointment of James Distelrath to be CFO, and Ronald Justice to be CEO and president.
10-Q 10-Q 5/17/2012 3/31/2012

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